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Dogs can detect cancer earlier and more accurately than any machine in existence.  Medical scent detection dogs will transform medicine through early detection of cancer.  As an emerging field additional research is needed to make canine medical scent detection a more accepted science.


Laurie Malone and Cindy Roberts have partnered together and are one of the first teams trained and certified to help move this field forward.  Between them, Laurie and Cindy have 25+ years of both dog training and research experience ensuring their success in this venture.

Your donations are tax-deductible

To make a donation by check, please make payable to "Sprout and Penny Canine Foundation" and send to:

Sprout and Penny Canine Foundation
P. O. Box 59844
Homewood, AL 35259

***We Made FRONT Page of the Birmingham News*** - Holy Toledo!!

Media Buzz - Cancer Sniffing Dogs

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity on the Medical Scent Detection Dog training front, as the media got hold of our story here in Birmingham! 

First, was the article on AL.Com:…/…/08/alabama_woman_to_receive_natio.html

Then the interview on WVTM Channel 13:…/alabama-woman-to-train-can…/41315000

Then the interview on WBRC Channel 6:…/homewood-woman-hopes-to-train-cancer-…


We will travel to California in October to attend the intensive course and become some of the first trainers in the U.S. to be certified as Medical Scent Detection Dog Trainers by the In Situ Foundation. 

Dogs Detect Cancer! In Situ Foundation
This is the program we will attend and for which we need your financial support. Watch this amazing video to see exactly what we will be able to accomplish with your support. See Stewie as she works, detecting cancer with 98-100% accuracy in human samples. This science will change modern medicine and the lives of so many people! Watch the video at:

More Fat, Less Protein Improves Detection Dogs' Sniffers

Fascinating article published in the Cornell Chronicle regarding the impact of diet on scenting ability of detection dogs! Research results indicate that a dogs' smelling skills are improved through diet, by reducing the amount of protein and adding fats.
Article at:

Dogs Sniffing Out Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Illnesses
Great article in Tails Pet Magazine about the uncanny scenting ability of dogs and its use in modern medicine. As noted, the In Situ Foundation where we will be trained and certified "is one of the first organizations of its kind to participate in collaborative, published research studies with leading institutions such as Duke University and UC Davis." Read article at:…/how-dogs-are-being-trained-to-sn…/

Olympic Athletes Die From Cancer
Since the London Olympic Games two amazing athletes who competed there have died of cancer: Sarah Tait, Cervical cancer, Age 33 and Elena Baitacha, Liver cancer, Age 30. Such deaths are tragic…from the pinnacle of athletic achievement to loss of life in less than 4 years. Cancer robs people of life!...even young, strong, fit Olympic athletes.

We are determined to make a difference in the early detection of cancer using medical scent detection dogs. To do this we need your financial support to attend the training and certification program this Fall offered by the In Situ Foundation. Please help us in the fight against cancer!

Olympic Size Pool - Dogs Can Detect a Single Drop of Blood

Dogs can detect a drop of blood in an Olympic size swimming pool as noted in the article below. This amazing scenting ability of dogs can be used for the early detection of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.    The aricle can found at:…/gene…/21352-cancer-scent-detecting-dogs

A New Breed of Medicine

A New Breed of Medicine - great article published in Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine about the life-saving scenting ability of dogs. The great work of the In Situ Foundation where Cindy Roberts and I will become certified to train cancer-detecting dogs is mentioned. Please support our dream of advancing this field through specialized training and scientific research! 

Dr. Oz article:…/

Celebrate National "Mutt" Mixed-Breed Dog Day

As noted in the Men's Journal article posted below, all types of dogs can be rescued from shelters and trained to detect cancer and save human lives. Help us celebrate the so-called "mutts" we hope to save by training them as Medical Detection Dogs.           

Hollywood Star's Cancer Detected Early by Her Dog

Another story highlighting the importance of our life saving dream of becoming Medical Scent Detection Dog trainers!

Life After Puppy Mill: K9 Nose Work to Medical Scent Detection Dog

Many of you know my girl Penny and have witnessed the psychological torment she still suffers after having lived in a cage for 4 years. Chicken coops stacked on top of each other, urine and feces scalding her skin, precious babies torn away who knows how many times, never experiencing the feel of rolling in the grass, or the loving arms of a human…

Now, always by my side I have tried to make the best life possible for Penny. Her home is a quiet, loving environment where she has the freedom to live life…snuggling on the couch, eating yummy treats, running in the yard, or lounging in the sun.


Although safe and comfortable, Penny has never learned to play either with me or our other dogs, even with her best buddy Sprout. I wanted to find something that would somehow engage her and that was when I discovered the amazing sport of K9 Nose Work® ( founded by Ron GauntAmy Herot and Jill Marie O'Brien. We started classes with the incredible instructor Leah Gangelhoff whose patience and commitment allowed Penny to slowly (every so slowly) gain confidence and let her hunting drive take over.

The scent detection activities of K9 Nose Work have helped Penny blossom in ways I never thought possible. Although she still struggles in the competition venue because of her environmental sensitivity she goes berserk with excitement when we are practicing at home. K9 Nose Work has cracked Penny’s “puppy mill shell” and allowed her natural hunting instinct to thrive. This is why I believe Penny will make an excellent medical scent detection dog. The work environment will be in a laboratory setting thereby taking away all the scary distractors...her focus will be the hunt, in this case, for cancer samples.

Please donate today to show your support for our goal of training Medical Scent Detection Dogs.

Dogs Detect Prostate Cancer with 99-100% Accuracy

Please read this great article (with video) will understand why we are asking for your support to help us become certified Medical Detection Dog trainers.

Penny - From Cage Suffering to Cancer Sniffing

This was Penny in Oct 2009...she had lived in a chicken coop for over 4 years as a breeding mother at a puppy mill. Luckily the place was busted and the dogs were dispersed to various shelters and rescues across the region. At the time, I was volunteering at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society where nearly 40 of the 217 dogs were transported to. Everyday for over a month I visited the shelter and just sat on the floor with the rescued dogs to help with their socialization. Little by little their personalities came out and I watched as they found their forever loving homes. Penny however was not on the adoption list as the vet Jodi Turner Bloch had heard a strange sound in her heart. I started investigating what the vet thought it might be (PDA) and said let me take her to get surgery...if successful she would live a long and healthy life, if not her life would be cut short. Anyway, I took Penny to Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine where she had open heart surgery. I fostered her after the surgery...and officially adopted her on my birthday just a few days later...the best present I've ever received!!

Please support Penny and other dogs like her to be trained as medical detection dogs!

Penny - My Little Search Dog

Training Dogs for the Fight Against Cancer - $5 Friday

Your support will provide us with the tools necessary to train dogs for early detection of cancer.  Penny, my little search dog, is ready and waiting to learn how to detect cancer!

Please donate today $5, $15, $25, $50…every dollar helps! Donations are tax deductible.

Sniffing Cancer

Great video showing what Cindy Roberts and I are striving dogs to detect cancer! Your donations are tax-deductible.

What the Dog Smelled - Cadaver Dogs

Another example of the amazing scenting abilities of dogs! The science and mystery of cadaver dogs...Read more at:

Cindy’s Story – Saving My Mother

Some cancers go undetected until it is too late to begin treatment. Sometimes, the patient is unable to go through the testing due to physical issues or mental state. If there were a way to detect lung cancer without putting the patient through hours of testing, there may have been a way to save my mother.

My mother suffered from dementia as a result of long term COPD, and was living at a long term care facility when she began having a recurring case of pneumonia. While the pneumonia was treated each time by the on-staff medical team, she was unable to undergo more extensive testing due to her dementia.

Had there been a way of testing a breath sample for lung cancer the outcome may have been quite different. As it was, her cancer was not detected until she was taken to the hospital due to severe drops in her oxygen levels. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on Tuesday, and died the following Monday.

Imagine if detecting lung cancer was as simple as collecting a breath sample and having the dogs provide an initial screening to indicate if further testing may be necessary. This would provide a simple way of testing patients who are either unable to travel to a hospital or do not live in a region where such medical services are readily available.

To be able to provide the additional research needed to make such testing a possibility is what has inspired me to enter the Medical Detection Dog Trainer program at In Situ. If I can train dogs to detect cancer in patient samples maybe we can help save lives.

Like me, Laurie’s mom was also afflicted with cancer cutting her life short. All of our lives have in some way been touched by cancer. The October training course is rapidly approaching. We cannot make the trip without your help! Thank you for any tax deductible donations you are able to provide!

Jelly - She Can Sniff!

Nevermind the underbite, this adorable girl “Jelly” rescued by Suzanne Orange can sniff with the best of them! That’s the great thing about scent detection work…dogs of all sizes and breeds can excel. Thanks for supporting our goal of training dogs to detect cancer! 

Sharing with Friends and Family

We're slowly inching toward our donation goal. Please keep sharing our story and mission with your friends and family. This is such a great opportunity for Cindy and I to put to use what we've learned from training dogs in K9 Nose Work and what we will learn from the certification course at In Situ Foundation to potentially save lives! Through use of medical detection dogs in scientific studies the goal is to develop protocols that include screening by the dogs for early detection of cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. The potential is great, as is our need. Thank you for your tax deductible donation!

Training Dogs for the Fight Against Cancer - $5 Friday

Your support will provide us with the tools necessary to train dogs for early detection of cancer.  Watch this short video to learn more about dogs detecting cancer.


Please donate today $5, $15, $25, $50…every dollar helps!


Thank you!!

Laurie Malone & Cindy Roberts

The Role of Medical Detection Dogs is Ever Expanding  

Watch this short video on a dog trained to detect superbugs in hospitals.


Please support Cindy Roberts and I in our venture to train Cancer Detection Dogs. We really need your support!!

Your donations are tax deductible

Celebrate the 4th by Supporting Cancer Detection Dogs

Bronze Parker has demonstrated in real life situations an aptitude to detect certain types of cancer in humans. He has alerted to the presence of cancer in three different individuals who had been previously diagnosed with cancer. Recognizing this special talent, Bronze will be among the first group of recruits that we will train to detect cancer in biological samples during rigorous research testing.

For the 4th of July, please help us celebrate this amazing gift of dogs and help support our goal of training more dogs like Bronze Parker to assist in the early detection of cancer. No donation is too small! Your tax-deductible donation will help Cindy and Laurie become certified to train dogs like Bronze, to sniff out cancer and help expand the role of cancer detection dogs in medical research.

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